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Summary and Review of Rob Bryanton’s Video on Extra Dimensions



Over 8 million people have viewed the above video that has been receiving particular praise and attention.

Here is my summary and review of Rob Bryanton’s video :

1. Visualizing the Extra-dimensions

? Moving up the dimensions, just extend a point to a line and unfold the line as a wrapped up sheet.
Moving down the dimensions, just roll up a sheet into a cylinder; shrink it first into a line, then into a point.

? In this visualization, the dimensions are perpendicular to each other, and can be mathematically described as Hilbert Space (It extends the methods of vector algebra and calculus from the two-dimensional Euclidean plane and three-dimensional space to spaces with any finite or infinite number of dimensions.)

? Every dimension perceived in its entity as a single timeless point can be placed on the surface of a finite unbounded hypersphere in the next dimension.

? With a change in mind-set (paradigm shift), dimensions can be viewed as infinite vectors within an underlying dimensionless fabric. (Similar approach as in Hilbert Space)

? An upper dimension can be perceived form outside of itself, from a timeless perspective, as extra dimensional patterns residing within a timeless horde, like crystal growth.

? In super-string theory, there are 10 spatial dimensions and 1 time dimension. If there is no the 11th dimension of time, there is no superstring vibrating (no vibration in timelessness) and there will be no reality precipitated in the lower dimensions.

? Dark matter/energy is the evidence for the existence of the extra dimensions because there is dark gravity across the dimensions (?)


2. Digital and Quantum Nature of the Universe

? Our Universe composes of :
Physical realm + observer + underlying realm of information

? Our 5th or higher dimension holds the underlying information, the organizing pattern outside our space and time that keeps our Universe from dissolving into chaos.

? Our Universe is made up of information bits and selection patterns. We choose a reality within the background of all possibilities in a phase space (in which all possible states of a system are represented, each state corresponding to one unique point in the phase space).

? An observer in his/her observation realizes his/her version of the Universe, i.e. he/she chooses a reality within the background of all possibilities in the phase space at upper dimensions (5th dimension). In this sense, each of us creates his/her version of reality and is “an aspect of God”. However, there is also a consensus version of space and time by which we communicate with each other.

? The wave-like interference phenomena occurring within the extra dimension creates our observed reality. These processes are separated from our physical bodies.

3. Explaining Human Consciousness

? Human consciousness involves entangled neurons. When collapse-type quantum events (the transition of a quantum state to an eigenstate with a certain probability) occur in our brain, we are split onto a new 5th dimension path and long-term memories are created.

? Our right brain is connected to and aware of  the possibility space in the 5th dimension, thus is responsible for intuition, creativity, metaphysical thinking, etc.

4. Psychedelics

? Psychedelics can access and develop unused potentials of the human mind.

? The extra dimension can be viewed as ways of understanding our reality. Delusional/additive persons could be assisted to realize a different reality by connecting to different possibilities in the 5th dimension (of course a better one, or back to the consensus reality ).

6. Conclusion

The discussion on how to visualize the extra dimensions are illuminating.

The idea of phase space is borrowed from statistical mechanics. The video suggests that the possibilities/underlying information are residing within the extra 5th dimension, just beyond our space and time. This idea is too “creative” and the assumptions are unwarranted.

In a quantum system (such as electron within an atom), an observer realizes an event when the system is observed (collapse of the wave function—initially in a superposition of several different possible eigenstates—appears to reduce to a single one of those states after interaction with an observer.). However, extending this idea to the reality at the scale of the whole Universe is simply wrong because quantum properties are just applicable/true at microscopic systems.

The ideas of a digital Universe is a reductionistic approach and may be too simplistic for explaining a complex system like our Universe.

The change in perceived reality in psychedelics can be explained by known neuro-psychological processes, or by a change in mind-set (paradigm shift), rather than by the realization of a different possibility within the 5th dimension.

Overall, the explanation of human consciousness, how it relates to the underlying information in the 5th dimension via quantum processes are metaphysical in nature. E.g. how could interference phenomena occurring within the extra dimension outside our bodies create our observed reality? Though cloaked in numerous physics jargons, the metaphysical reasoning is full of loopholes and unwarranted assumptions.

In conclusion, after watching the whole video, I realize why it is “receiving particular praise and attention” by the general public.  Imagine what “phase space”, “quantum entanglement”, “event split onto a new 5th dimensional path” , etc. might sound like to lay people without the basic knowledge in quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics and mathematical physics. May be this is a good example of what we called “pseudo-science”.

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