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Life Contemplation

On Longevity




Human life spans vary a lot. While one's span of life involuntarily depends on the longevity records of one's ancestors, uncontrollable genetic factors should not diminish our effort to lead a life conducive to longevity.

One should deliberately choose a life style conducive to longevity and happiness. And no matter how long one lives, one should accept one's limited time span and then to live every day in the present to the full, with no nostalgia nor procrastination.


Major Factors Favouring Longevity

The followings are extracted from experiences of people living long lives :


Healthy Living Habits

Live a balanced and moderate life.

Eat no extreme diet and don't drink too much. Be cautious of unnatural food/beverages. Don't smoke if one is not sure of possessing cancer-resistant genes(as a matter of fact, no one can be sure).

Engage in regular, all-over bodily form of extensive exercise involving muscualr efforts such as walking, swimming, gardening, ball games...Exercise should be fun, for the pure pleasure of the activities, rather than a chore performed out of a sense of "health duty".

Balance exertion with sleep/rest. A lack of sleep/rest could compromise one's bodily defence mechanism.


Active and Balanced Mode of Living

Lead an active life and immerse oneself in absorbing activities. Choose to seek exciting new challenges each day.When one eventually "retires", immediately replace one's job with new and equally absorbing hobby or projects.

Live with a well-developed sense of self-discipline. Order one's life and impose a regular pattern on the simple daily events of sleep/rest and exertion, play and work, gregariousness and solitude, thinking and action, mental work and muscular exercise...


Positive Life Attitude

Opt to live optimistically and happily in the present and comtemplate the future with interests.

Live outside oneself. Be more concerned with what one does than who one is. Eschew one's self-centered, egoistic self image(an illusion one presents to the world). Instead become proud of one's real work, invention, creation... Harbour a feeling of being successful. Measure personal success in one's own personal terms, taking into account one's endowment and constraints. Never confuse success with the prevalent social illusions of fame and wealth. Try to transcend the idea of whether one has "enough" money to live a happy life by making the best use of one's available resources, the most vital of which is time(=life span)itself.


Calm Emotional Life

For most of the time try to be calm, relaxed and easy-going , not enraged nor worry-ridden.

If one's job is driving one mad with fury, frustration or fear, quit and choose a more suitable one.

Live with a feeling that life is fun and socialize with an amusing mood. Enjoy life with a sense of humour and an almost child-like mischievous impishness.


Regular Body Checkup

Disease is the major cause of early death. Be aware of and monitor one's health conditions regularly. Plan for regular body checkup at an early stage of life. If caught at an early stage, even cancer can be cured.





  by Stewart Yeung : first draft completed on 18 Nov 2011


Reference :

"The Blue Zones, Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who've Lived the Longest " by Dan Buettner, 2008 : National Geographic Sociey