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                                                                                                                                                                                             Life Contemplation

Launching of “Longevity Circle” (19 October 2012)






Viewing my life as a creative and self-directed project to be consciously led by myself with articulated strategies, I consider longevity accompanied by a self-fulfillment as a fundamental goal to be achieved by fostering and maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Back in late 2008 after I opted early voluntary retirement, self-studied physics and finished setting up my own astronomical observatory, I thought I had successfully combined my current values(freedom to develop my hitherto neglected potentialities), innate talents(my propensity to rational thinking) and early dream(to become an astronomer) to build a new productive life structure. Then curiously I had a heightened awareness of my mortality and found myself avidly reading books on the subject of death, afterlife, religions…I thought that was normal in a mid-life transition.

The subsequent 2009 routine annual body checkup revealed a shadowy spot in my lung X-ray, and then the follow-up CT scan showed a ground glass lesion. The existential anxiety I experienced and the life crisis I faced was beyond a brief description here, since my mother died of lung cancer only a few months after she was diagnosed.

Those life threatening episodes all passed away soon enough, as mine was caught early and curable by surgery, although I am now prone to recurrence.

My direct-confrontation-with-death experience prompts me to introduce the Longevity Circle on Facebook today to serve as a forum for sharing information, experiences or just random thoughts on how to live a long and fruitful life. This forum is open to all. The more you contribute the more wisdom you will acquire.