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                                                                                                                                                                                              Life Contemplation

HOW DO YOU WANT TO DIE? (I am not joking!)(5 December 2012)






In the aftermath of my lung cancer, I realize how precious life is. More importantly, in order not to waste it, I shall try my best to go through life in my own chosen way despite enculturation and social hypnotism.

I also recognize spiritually a fact of nature: DEATH IS A CONDITION OF LIFE.

This experience has significant impact on my way of living, and not the least on my way of dying. I’d like to share with you some thoughts:

1. Manage your own disease (the cause of your own death); explore your treatment options (not just following the doctors'), search for self-healing methods (? if there is any! ?) and believe your doctors’ and your beloved's optimism;

2. Accept death "AS A CONDITION OF LIFE"; feel grateful for your unique existence and what you've gone through in life; learn to let go of clinging, craving,...

3. In your last years/months/days, create in your life as much as you can of what you love to do, e.g. your wife/children's better future, friendship, life project/untried dreams/"last crusade", world trips , writing an autobiography, ...

(As we are all “being-towards-death” (Heidegger), NOW is your starting point for these endeavors.)

4. Help the bereaving (those who love you) go through the process (of bereaving), help them relieving their guilt (if there is any);

5. Bestow your last words (of love, of wisdom,…) upon your beloved; share with them the story of your life; give them gifts of remembrance;

6. Decide on your own death ritual; order your own epitaph and therein create your own myth (how you want to be remembered);

7. Believe in your own version of "Afterlife".

My ideas are attributed to inter alia a psychologist specializing in life-span development, death and dying: