Three Fathoms Observatory
Stewart Yeung

 Current Special Feature



Deconvolution of M22


The Orignial Light Frame

Click to download the zipped FITS files :

Original Unbinned L Frame

Red Frame Binned 2x2

Green Frame Binned 2x2

Blue Frame Binned 2x2



The Original Color M22




Deconvolved Light Frame

Deconvolved in CCDStack I using Positive Constraint, No. of iteration=100 , with the following informatoin:

Image File M22-L-reducedAlignedStackProcessedMasters
centroid {X=1803.72, Y=920.7116}
FWHM 5.2
background 3,739.25
maximum 19,467
flux within halfMax 168,649

Click to download the zipped FITS files :

Deconvolved L Frame


The Improvement after Deconvolving the L frame



This one is with all LRGB frames deconvolved :

Does not look like much improved ?